When I was in class 7 we arrived in a new flat. That was lovely because of it surrounds by a lake. I was a child but I can feel the nature at that time. The beauty. Especially when the drops of rain spill in the water. I was too lucky that I get a … Continue reading

Just living…

We see only a few numbers of stars in the sky... We usually skip the huge number of them. There is no time to watch the sky and make a story of own... Today no angel comes from heaven to help any poor girl... Today no never dream to see the stars... Our only wish … Continue reading Just living…


The past is always beautiful. That's why when we talk about our past we feel so happy. It does not mean that in our past there is no pain. But when we memorize about it, we love to remember only the happy moment of life. The past pain is secretly hidden in our mind. We … Continue reading Moment

The Pearl

She is waiting so long... Many days and nights have gone... Many waves and stars have been count... Now the wind knows the reason of sound... Which he hears every day and night at the beach on the ground... It is the sound of a cry of the girl... She is still waiting that the … Continue reading The Pearl


Once upon a time... It was at the dawn of January... It was a day of cold... It was full of fog like a cloud... It was just the season of winter... The lost winter...


One day I will count the stars... Which are full by a lot of stories... I will hear..r the stories of sad mad happiness of the world... One day the stars will become a friend of mine... One day...


There are many words but nothing to express... how strange is this... Most of the time we just feel like that... we have many things to say but there is no appropriate word to express it... on the other hand, we have a lot of words but at that time we have nothing to say... … Continue reading Express

একটু চাই,,,

একটা সময় ছিল। যখন, পৃথিবীতে পশুর চেয়ে মানুষের সংখ্যা কিছু হলেও বেশি ছিল। কিন্তু এখন চোখ বন্ধ করে বলা যায় যে পশুর সংখ্যা বেশি। অনেক দিন আগে কোন এক শীতের সকালে উঠে শুনেছিলাম দিল্লিতে একজন মেয়ে কে রেপ করা হয়েছে। একজন নারী, একজন বাবার আদরের মেয়ে, এক তরুনের স্বপ্ন বোনা ভালবাসাকে সারারাত রেপ করে শেষ … Continue reading একটু চাই,,,