We have a common problem... Always we just stay in this problematic situation. That is depression. I am in a depression now. It's so easy to say. It's also true that there are many problems in our life we depressed for it. But what is the result? Most of the time the situation is getting … Continue reading Alone


Homosexuality. It’s getting common things in our world. In a few days ago I thought that it’s a sin. It’s a serious sin. Because there is a little mention of homosexuality in any religion. Most of the time it takes in a negative way. Homosexuality is considered as a result of the serious sin of … Continue reading Think….???

What is it…?

Sometimes...we have nothing to do... We feel so alone...sometimes... Isn't it...? But why...? We have everything...whatever we want... still we are unhappy... we are alone... This is not good...What do you think...? We got very short time in this world... So why we are so unhappy...? We need to enjoy time...isn't it...? But look ... … Continue reading What is it…?


Just a few days ago I presented on counseling.  I just try to show the benefit of counseling in everyday life. But our students are not concern about anything they are just gossiping with each other at that time. Actually, the people of our country really not concern about counseling. They just think they can … Continue reading Solution…..?

Draw something..

What do you do when you feel depressed? Actually, what to do? we don’t know. Can we do something about it? Yes, we can do a lot of things for it. Isn’t it? Maybe they are just a little effort, but it can help us to make our time enjoyable. Draw something… Isn’t it a good idea? What do you … Continue reading Draw something..

I am fine.

How are you? I am fine. When someone asks me this question I just answer that “I am fine” But is it really? No, it’s not true. But we used to, this answer. You know why? It’s our habit. Actually, we don’t try to show the people that we are in problems even we are in many problems. Yes, we have … Continue reading I am fine.

Just Smile…

Smile... Do you know the power of a smile? I think that smile has greater power. It can change any situation. What do you think about this? Have you ever seen any smiley face when you are in the sad mood? Or when you are in the depression? Actually, a smile can change many things. What do you think? When … Continue reading Just Smile…