Those days…

In our childhood, we used to read many books... I thought if I get a library full of books I don't need anything. I can spend each and every moment in books. But nothing exists forever. Now I have many books, I can buy any book when I need. But now I don't think that … Continue reading Those days…


It was a winter morning... I started my class at my University. Everything is unknown, I only knew that I was selected for the best one but there are no friends... I started my class with unknown people... As usual, time give me everything. Friends, love, stories, everything. In the las of the day, I … Continue reading Friendship…


I am from a small country. Which is just full of problem. Women are one of the most vulnerable groups in the territory. Many years ago the women have no permission to step outside. By the time that fact changed. But never in a positive way. Today we can participate in all works by our … Continue reading Women

Maybe one day

Color getting fade by time... It can change, it can start... I can't you can't... We just think... Tomorrow I will do it... Tomorrow... Maybe one tomorrow will come... That day never comes... We wait for a dramatic moment... Which we make in our unconscious mind... Which we dream for... One day maybe the moment … Continue reading Maybe one day


I can feel that time is going... I can't get it back... Today my sir was saying your life maybe you face much bad time or maybe face good times. But this moment. When you are a student you will never get these sweet times again. Yes, this is the best time if life. … Continue reading Life


যখন কোন গল্প বা উপন্যাস পড়ি, নিজেকে সেই গল্পের কেউ ভাবতেই ভাল লাগে। সবচেয়ে সুন্দর চরিত্র। হয়ত অপরূপ একমেয়ে। যার আছে দীর্ঘ কালো কেশ, মায়াবী চোখ, পদ্মের মত মুখ। এমনই হয় উপন্যাসের মেয়ে, সপ্নের মেয়ে। কালো একটা মেয়ের স্বপ্ন কেউ দেখে না। তাই যখনি নিজেকে সেই গল্পের সাথে ভাবতে যাই সবার আগে যা মনে পরে, … Continue reading কৃষ্ণকলি

মন খারাপ,,,

মন খারাপ,,,? হু অদ্ভুত এক খারাপ লাগা। আচ্ছা কেন হয়? এটা তো জানি না। অনেক অনেক মানুষের মধ্যিখানে থেকেও অদ্ভুত একাকীত্ব তাড়া করে। সবসময় করে। কখনো আমরা তিব্রভাবে বুঝতে পারি। কখনোবা নিজেদেরই বুঝতে দেই না, নিজের খারাপ লাগা। তাই কি ভাল থাকি আমরা। নাকি ভাল থাকার অক্লান্ত চেষ্টায় আমরা ভুলে যাই। ভাল থাকা আসলে কি। … Continue reading মন খারাপ,,,


There are many people, many friends but still, I am feeling alone. Not like that, I am always alone. I try to make a friendly environment always through sometimes it's so difficult to do. There are sometimes hard to understand me that everything is okay. Yes, everything is okay. But I feel like everybody is … Continue reading WORDS


If you ask somebody what will be right or wrong for you will find too many answers... Even you don't ask for anything till you get too many answers from the people around you... If you try to do something new... You will face many questions... and the public reactions,, with a huge list of … Continue reading Dream,,,