Those days…

In our childhood, we used to read many books… I thought if I get a library full of books I don’t need anything. I can spend each and every moment in books. But nothing exists forever. Now I have many books, I can buy any book when I need. But now I don’t think that I can spend a long day in the library. I need tea, I need my little sister who always annoying me, I need my mother who scolds for reading novels. I need my father to say “don’t read when you are eating.”

There was a series I used to read “3 investigators”. Where 3 teenagers were trying to solve mysteries. Who lived in Los Angeles. Still living. They are still a teenager. But j grow up.

I can remember what I didn’t do to read or get a book of this series. I used to ask everyone. At that time it was not so easy to collect a book of this series. We need to wait for the book fair. But most of the time there was so crowed in front of that bookstall. Everyone eagerly waits for the fair to buy a book.

Now every year I go to the book fair but I didn’t see the crowd in from of that bookstall.

Why? Now teenagers don’t read any book? So unlucky. They don’t know how 3 boys of Rocky Beach investigate. They don’t know how to make and keep the friendship. They don’t know how it is feeling to get a book after waiting for a long time. They can’t feel the emotion to travel with them in the book.

They don’t miss them. But I miss my childhood. I miss those days. The golden days. Now I think that it was sweeter than now. That waiting, that emotion. Now there are many books but I don’t feel like those days….

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