It was a winter morning… I started my class at my University. Everything is unknown, I only knew that I was selected for the best one but there are no friends… I started my class with unknown people…

As usual, time give me everything. Friends, love, stories, everything. In the las of the day, I find that I only take from them I can’t give them anything…

I complete our last class… The final class of this journey… A long journey… We met everyone in the early morning and start a day… A day of happiness full of stories,

We are matured now. We know that now we have to choose our own way… Maybe we can’t meet now with each other… Maybe one day we forgot our best friend..with whom we spend our best time of life… Maybe on the day all of a sudden we remember that I miss her… I miss my friends…

Maybe one day suddenly we find each other. Our friendship our love will be the same… We will remember the same stories of our life… The happiest moment of our student life.. But time will make a difference between us… Through we know that still, we are a friend like that day…but we can’t talk like that day…

Because Now we are different… Through friendship is the same like now….

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3 thoughts on “Friendship…

  1. Indrajit Roy Choudhury says:

    Don’t lose your innocence and the child in you… keep in touch with as many of them as possible, even virtually and talk like what you have been doing. You won’t find friends like you have in schools or colleges. This friendship is pure. In real life beyond college, relationships tend to become a trade. Wish you all the best as you move into the real world.

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