I am from a small country. Which is just full of problem. Women are one of the most vulnerable groups in the territory.

Many years ago the women have no permission to step outside. By the time that fact changed. But never in a positive way.

Today we can participate in all works by our qualification. But as usual, women have to maintain both home and outside. The most dangerous thing is women are not safe now. Not at home or outside.

Violence is everywhere.

Nowadays a ting is getting popular in our country. That is rape. Especially bus rape.

There was a time when we feel comfortable on the bus because there are done people if is there any problem. Those people will help us. But the fact changed. If it’s a little bit late a woman can face a rape from the bus’s peoples. Most of the time it’s planned by the bus authority.

Nothing is safe.

I am a girl. And I never regret about this. Because my parents never treat me like a girl, that you can’t do it. But today they advise me to step back from many things. Because they are worried about my safety. Every parents are thinking in this way. Because every parent wants to be assured their girls are safe.

When I was in college our principal Sister Shikha always told that- you are girls. One of the most beautiful creatures in the world. That’s why your parents, we are thinking about you. Think about your safety.

The World is in the way of organization. Every day we introduced to the new technology of science. Which makes us surprised and comfortable. But on one side we are getting primitive.

What is the benefit of the modernness? If we can’t assure our women safety.

We need to go back home at the end of the day. Your mother, sister, the wife is waiting there. If you can’t assure her safety so what about your responsibility.

We have to live with all these problems.

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5 thoughts on “Women

  1. Ashok Misra says:

    That is horrible! Unfortunately, the problem is too widespread. However, you are coping with the setback as best as you can. You’re lucky to have such supportive parents, and your teacher Shikha who provide you valuable guidance. Wishing you all the best in life. 👍


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