We have a common problem… Always we just stay in this problematic situation. That is depression.

I am in a depression now.

It’s so easy to say. It’s also true that there are many problems in our life we depressed for it. But what is the result? Most of the time the situation is getting bitter and bitter and the result is maybe suicide.

It’s a trend that I have have to say I am in depression.

Yeah, we are missing the valuable things of our life…




We are getting one man of depression.

We are alone to face…

The people have no time to talk. No time to ask “are you okay?”

I am not okay…

I have many things to say…

I don’t need any help. Any suggestion.

Just listen to my words.

I just need a friend.

Who holds my hand. Assure that “I am here”

But there is no one yo say it.

We are becoming alone.

Alone and alone.

One thought on “Alone

  1. Anupriya K says:

    Developing this attitude towards everyone because a lot of people think it’s cool to depressed can make a person who’s actually depressed kill himself. Yes, depression has become a trend because people think that the world will love them but the truth is that it’s pretty easy to differentiate attention seekers and depressed people. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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