Almost 6 months, almost half a year, 360 days, many hours, many minutes, and many seconds. Are gone. And there is no use of it. I had a lot of plans for my off days. But I didn’t get much spear time. But now it likes everything to stop. It feels that many many years … Continue reading Silance

Good morning

There is frowzy weather for some days. While it is morning it feels like a haven. The sky getting darker like the rain will come soon. But after a while, it again changes quickly. What an illusion. Whatever it is the best time for me. I don't like to awake in the night. And love … Continue reading Good morning


People died. Some by naturally some by accident and some by something we don't know why. Death is the most certain thing that comes in an uncertain moment. Today when I was scrolling my Facebook I noticed a post from my teacher. He wrote about a boy a handsome boy. My teacher described how he … Continue reading Now…


When I was a teenager sometimes I don't know why I felt so lonely. Actually, I was not lonely. But something I don't know what was the reason I felt so empty. I used to see the stars but they are not so visible in the city. Still, I tried. At that time we lived … Continue reading Me

You just need to know what is sadness and what is ego... It's really complicated to understand. But I really expect it From some people. But they have never enough time.


We always love to blame others for our bad luck... We don't think about ourselves, our fault, or our sins. We just blame. When I am not able to achieve anything several times I thought that I got nothing in my life good. I know it's a big false. I have everything I need. Every … Continue reading Prayers💫


A special power does something really exist...? Hollywood movie introduced us to this. That one person can get special power and be the one among a lot. When I was a child I thought maybe something exists. Because of those movies, people had also confused about their power. By growing up, I understand that there … Continue reading Power