You just need to know what is sadness and what is ego... It's really complicated to understand. But I really expect it From some people. But they have never enough time.


I have a friend. Nafia. She is so strong and practical. She can handle anything. Actually, I even don't have any word to explain to her. I tried to be her. But I can't. I failed. Like other things. There is a big no always took place in my previous activities. I wanted to be … Continue reading Strong


We always love to blame others for our bad luck... We don't think about ourselves, our fault, or our sins. We just blame. When I am not able to achieve anything several times I thought that I got nothing in my life good. I know it's a big false. I have everything I need. Every … Continue reading Prayers💫


A special power does something really exist...? Hollywood movie introduced us to this. That one person can get special power and be the one among a lot. When I was a child I thought maybe something exists. Because of those movies, people had also confused about their power. By growing up, I understand that there … Continue reading Power

Written words 💬 are a very powerful thing. Maybe it's always not possible to express all the feelings of heart es the same by words. But can express. Written Words carry one's story, emotions, love, deep feelings and carefully preserves them for the future, for other people or for own? A single alphabet is nothing … Continue reading


Human has a great power that a human can imagine. One can imagine anything that she wants. Maybe it's not possible in reality. Never ever, Still one imagines... wish maybe one day this dream comes true. But it never happens. Why we have the power to imagine something which will never come true.? Isn't it … Continue reading Imagination

Dawn is the beginning of the day. And probably the most beautiful moment. It's not like the sun jump in the sky. It takes time, it gives time to prepare for the morning. It's a long and ancient process but it never grows old. It never gets fade. It's always new and beautiful. In our … Continue reading